Our Story

Embroidery by Nona is a small women's owned mother-daughter business that was founded at the start of 2021. Mariel is an entrepreneur of various successful businesses. She is the wife of Elvis and mother of Kimhe Luis, Salma (aka Nona) and Abel. Mariel had always been interested in styling her home with personalized items such as towels, napkins, coffee trays etc. back when she lived in the Dominican Republic. She and her daughter moved to the United States in 2012 and since then, they had looked for similar stores that offered the same products they had back in their homeland, but always came back empty-handed. Mariel finally took the decision to pursue that deep desire and offer good quality and affordable products for the homes of people  all over the country. 

One year since its start Embroidery by Nona now offers from home products such as personalized towels, napkins, tray cloths, cocktail napkins etc. to Spanish fashion for newborns such as knitted sets, knitted blankets, bibs, burpers, towels and more!

Embroidery by Nona focuses on the satisfaction of their customers, and that is why they have a 100% satisfaction rate from them. Each and every single one of their products is personalized to the style and likes of each of their customers, making each article unique and special for their homes! Thank you to our beloved family and customers for supporting our dream!